Many families in Sri Lanka are going through extreme financial hardship at present, particularly those who rely on daily wages. Some children in these families will be forced to leave school to earn a living, their basic right to finish their education being stolen from them.The KKS (Keep Kids in School) program was commenced in July 2020 under the auspices of the Australia Sri Lanka Medical Aid Team, with the aim of financially supporting the educational needs of a group of such vulnerable children in remote villages around Tissamaharama.

The aim of the project is to ensure that these children complete school up to the Advanced Level exam, by having their educational costs met by sponsorship (estimated as AUD 10 a month, or AUD 120 per year) – 100% of donations will go towards the educational expenses of the sponsored children, such as stationary, school shoes and uniforms. There are no administrative costs involved and all payments are tax-deductible.

The project is coordinated locally by Mr. Hilary Mathiasz, a retired school teacher, and Mr. Sandeep of SVS Bookshop in Tissa.

Sponsors are most welcome to maintain personal contacts with the students they are sponsoring, and receive annual feedback including the school report cards, which would be an incentive for the students to perform well academically.

We are proud to have over 90 children under the program by now, and we are hoping to expand the program to incorporate more students in 2021.  Please contact the AUSLMAT team on admin@auslmat.org if you are interested in sponsoring a child under the KKS program.

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