Please join AUSLMAT to provide critically needed medical supplies to Sri Lanka

Thank you to all those who have offered to join AUSLMAT in helping the collapsing health system in Sri Lanka during the current economic crisis. Government hospitals are fast running out of a number of essential medicines and surgical supplies, leading to the loss of innocent lives.

The Medical Supplies Division (MSD) has published a list of urgently required medicines.

Please click the link to see the Diplomatic Letter with Urgent List.

Many of you may have received direct requests from the hospitals.  Surgeries are being cancelled due to shortage of anaesthetic drugs, and lives lost due to the shortage of clot dissolving drugs like Streptokinase, given to people with acute strokes and heart attacks.

Our plan is to purchase medical equipment, such as neonatal/paediatric breathing tubes, and air-freight them to Sri Lanka. We are also exploring the option of purchasing a few essential medicines directly from the pharmaceutical companies that regularly supply Sri Lanka. All items will be sent to individual hospitals with critical needs and the President of the Sri Lankan Medical Association (Prof. Samath Dharmaratne) has agreed to take the responsibility of overlooking the distribution of the supplies locally.

You can donate by clicking the DONATE NOW button at the top of the page.

A tax receipt will be automatically generated for tax purposes within Australia. Our finances are externally audited at the end of each financial year. AUSLMAT is an ACNC registered not-for-profit medical charity in Australia.

Thank your for your valuable contributions!

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