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“Heal Our Nation” Project Update

Thank you for your generous support!
With your support, we have purchased medicines and equipment worth AUD 36,280 to date. We have purchased the following items from the funds received:
  1. Fisher and Paykel RT 265  breathing tubes x140 for Castle Street hospital and other Neonatal units (AUD 9,870)
  2. Fisher and Paykel Neowraps x 400 for Castle Street hospital and other Neonatal Units (AUD 964)
  3. Effervescent phosphate tablets x5000 for Neonatal Units  (AUD 3,384)
  4. 1540 triple blood bags ( AUD 14,638)
  5. x1000 vials of Cefotaxime and 36,000 tablets of sodium valproate for Dehiattakandiya Hospital and x1000 vials of Ceftriaxone for Anuradhapura Hospital ( AUD 7,242)


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The KKS (Keep Kids in School) project was initiated in June 2020, with the aim of providing financial assistance to a group of vulnerable children living in remote villages around Tissamaharama in Sri Lanka. The children supported by the KKS project belong to families of labourers, farmers, street vendors and daily wage earners who have been struggling to survive in the past couple of years due to financial hardships. Children in these families are sometimes forced to leave school or earn a living, the opportunity to finish their school education being stolen from them. The aim of the KKS project is to ensure that these children remain in school until they complete school up to the A/Level examination, by having some of their educational costs met by sponsorship.

The cost to sponsor one child is AUD 10/= a month and 100% of donations go towards school expenses such as books, stationary, uniforms and shoes. There are no administrative costs involved.


The project is locally coordinated by Mr. Hilary Mathiasz, an English teacher in Tissamaharama, and the local bookshop owner, Mr. Sandeep Vidushan. A file with receipts is maintained for each child, and copies of receipts are also provided to each child as well. Sponsors are encouraged to maintain personal contacts with the students they are sponsoring, and we plan to receive annual feedback including the school academic report , which would be an incentive for the students to perform well and stay motivated.

June 2020- Dec 2021 BUDGET SUMMARY:

June 2020 – December 2020 Jan 2021 – June 2021
July 2021 – Dec 2021
Extra funds for computers


AUD 2,180 (plus Rs. 30,000 paid in SLR) AUD 4,910
AUD 4,460
AUD 600

AUD 12,150

TOTAL EXPENDITURE AUD 9,726 ( July 2020 – Dec. 2021)

Rs. 5000/= was spent for each of the 57 students June 2020-Dec 2020.
Rs. 15,000/= was spent for each of the 90 students from Jan 2021 – Dec. 2021.

(The balance from 2020-2021 has been allocated to purchasing computers for a computer class)

We are aiming to spend 20,000 per student in 2022

NB: AUSLMAT accounts including the KKS program is externally audited by Danber Financial Services Pvt. Ltd.

Community Assistance:

In addition to the KKS program, some of the sponsors have kindly contributed to several projects, which have enabled these families to earn a living during difficult times. These include:

  1. Assistance to establish irrigation systems for farmers
  2. Establishment of an aloe vera cultivation
  3. Purchase of sewing machines and fabric
  4. Medical assistance to children with chronic illness
  5. Financial assistance for vocational training
  6. Financial assistance to single parent family without an income

Free classes in IT, Math and English
– Via Zoom, conducted by tutors (University students) from Melbourne


See our PDF format here:


Shamindi of Tissa

Shamindi met AUSLMAT at the Beralihela Medical Centre when we did a clinic with Dr. Eresha a few years ago. Her letter was written in English with the help of Hilary Mathiasz the English tutor for the whole village.

Beralihela and Tissamaharama are quite close to the Yala sanctuary. Many of these children have never visited the sanctuary because there is a fee to enter. They live close enough to hear the trumpeting of the wild elephants! AUSLMAT makes a stop-over at Yala from the east coast of Sri Lanka on each of our visits to Sri Lanka.

We support Mr Hilary in his tutoring of these children in English.

Simple Requests from Weligama fishermen

Nishantha and Kumara are men who go deep sea fishing off the coast of Weligama . They asked for some protection from the elements when they spend days out at sea. Most of the fish are dried and salted on board before they return to the Weligama harbour. They have lost friends and relatives who have never returned from such fishing trips – accepted by them as a part of life and the dangers of such an occupation.

Nishaji is the daughter of one of them – she will join the AUSLMAT team on our next visit to Sri Lanka .

A plaque in memory of the first Methodists is located at the Methodist Church Weligama and reads “ Revds. George Erskine and William Ault – two of the first Weslyan Missionaries to Asia landed on this beach on Thursday 30th June 1814.

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