Medical Missions-old


Our volunteer teams of medicos and assistants provide hands-on medical screening, advice and procedures. It is also a time to educate those in need, whether they be clinic attendees from the tea fields or orphanages, or the medical professionals to learn and implement new techniques.

AUSLMAT has transported more than $8 million worth of equipment over the years to Sri Lanka and provided medication to thousands of under-privileged people. We have strong support from the Australian Sri Lankan community who help us overcome bureaucratic and language barriers. AUSLMAT visits Sri Lanka generally each year (sometimes more often). Each visit includes delivery of donated medical equipment and other supplies, hospital lectures, ward rounds, and clinics in remote areas and orphanages. The doctors are accompanied by medical students and nurses seeking to broaden their experience, families, friends and other supporters from many walks of life. Team members pay all their own expenses (including airfares, accommodation and food), so when you DONATE, nearly 100% of your donations fund the logistics of shipping containers filled with medical supplies and equipment.

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