About us

What is AUSLMAT and Who are We?

AUSLMAT is a not-for-profit organisation that provides a significant amount of medical supplies, medical devices, education and hands-on medical examinations (in some cases surgeries) to those in dire need.  Many of our donations also fund the transportation of shipping containers filled with these medical supplies and devices.

Our self-funded visits (medical missions) help all ages across the neediest communities, and assist medical programs from the urban hubs to the rural areas including tea country, at local clinics, orphanages and hospitals..

2017 Committee – here’s the updated list of AUSLMAT committee members.

Please feel free to seek us out for any type of questions or needs by going to our CONTACT page (best method) or call +61 3 9553 0120 or +61 (0)411 465 656.


Board Members:

  • President – Dr. Quintus DeZylva
  • Vice-President – Dr. Jennifer Johns
  • Secretary – Lara Mayze
  • Treasurer – Gordon Miles
  • Logistics Coordination – Chin Weerakkody
  • Media & Comms – Roger Fredman


Committee Members:

  • Michelle de Silva
  • Ranjini Dassenaike
  • Preethi De Silva
  • Rebecca Fredman
  • Sajini Perera
  • Laura Tate

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