Partners & Supporters

AUSLMAT is blessed with the amount of individual and corporate backing, as well as relationships with other community service organisations.  We are grateful for all levels of contribution to aid our mission, and encourage you to remember them when a personal or professional need arises.


Asta Solutions – delivering over 17 years of End-to-End IT services, Asta is an Australian-based information technology company and one of the only true cross-platform managed service providers in the country working across Windows, Linux and Apple support. In addition Asta offers a range of IT services across web and mobile application development, business consulting, and cloud based solutions.


Asta have been an integral partner in giving AUSLMAT a contemporary web presence.  We are now officially a “.org” further emphasising our international non-profit nature.  In addition, we have a modern and secure “Donate Now” capability making it easy for anyone across the globe to contribute to our financial needs through PayPal.  Asta Solutions are a top-tier provider in the IT industry, delivering corporate quality and enterprise sturdy services, with a laser focus on the customer’s results and user experience top of mind.  They also have a strong commitment to the community as can be witnessed by their support in the development of the AUSLMAT website.  You can learn more about Asta at



VACD Ltd. – Volunteers to Assist Children with Disabilities is a welcomed partner with AUSLMAT.  They were established on 27th December 2011 as a non-government, not-for-profit charity by a team of volunteers to promote and improve the wellbeing of children with disabilities in the Uva Province of Sri Lanka, and to assist them and their families overcome discrimination, social isolation, stigma, health and numerous other hardships. Their mission is to assist these children to achieve their potential, dreams and future aspirations. They progressively extend their services across Sri Lanka and then, elsewhere as needed.  They can be found at

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