In response to many requests received from medical specialists and the Ministry of Health, AUSLMAT initiated the Heal Our Nation project in April 2022 to raise funds for essential medical supplies for the public hospital system in Sri Lanka. With immense community enthusiasm and support, we have raised over AUD 237, 270 (over LKR 60 million) so far, from which we have purchased medicines and medical supplies worth 185, 301 (over LKR 46 million).

In addition, we have facilitated the purchase of over AUD 150,000 medical supplies for other fundraising organizations and individuals in partnership with the global consortium of donors, #MedicalHelpSriLanka. We have collaborated with other fund raising charities in Melbourne including “Suwayata Sawiyak” group in Melbourne to procure medicinal items for the Paediatric Liver Transplant Unit at North Colombo (Ragama) Teaching Hospital and Lady Ridgeway, “Ride for Apeksha” group to procure essential cancer medicines for Apeksha Hospital and other donor groups in purchasing medicines. We have facilitated to purchase of AUD 64,000 worth Streptokinase for a private donor.

AUD 237, 270 raised directly by AUSLMAT and purchased items > AUD 185, 301* Assisted other donors with purchases > AUD 150, 000 Transported and distributed donated medical equipment > AUD 100, 000 to hospitals

*NB: 100% of our donations are spent on the purchase of medicines and medical supplies, without any administrative /overhead costs.

Item Purchased Quantity Cost (AUD)
Fisher and Paykel RT 265 breathing tubes donated to 7 NICU units
$ 9 870.00
Fisher and Paykel Neowraps donated to 7 NICU units
$ 964.00
Phosphate phebra tablets donated to 7 NICU units
$ 3 384.00
Fresenius Kabi triple blood bags *
$ 14 638.00
Cefotaxime vials to Dehiattakandiya hospital
1000 vials
$ 7 424.00
Valproate tab 200mg to Dehiattakandiya hospital
36 000 tabs
Ceftriaxone vials for A’pura hospital
1000 vials
Ceftriaxone vials for various hospitals
10 000 vials
$ 3 515.66
Vygon central lines for NICU Units *
$ 11 437.17
Fisher and Paykel pediatric NIV masks for Sirimavo Hospital in Peradeniya and LRH
$ 1 880.00
Blood glucose / ketone strips **
$ 959.80
Pediatric Suction catheters and IDC’s for Sirimavo Childrens’ Hospital and LRH
$ 284.00
Pediatric laryngeal masks for Peradeniya TH
$ 1 295.00
Blood pressure machines
$ 335.90
Dental equipment for De’attakandiya hospital
$ 1 935.79
Metronidazole, Erythropoietin and Sodium Valproate for many hospitals **
$ 41 360.00
Nitric Oxide cylinders for NICU units and LRH Cardiac Surgery Unit
$ 16 347.98
Nestle Isocal and Sustacal nutritional supplements for D’attakandiya hospital
$ 6 535.52
CAPD bags from Lucenxia, Malaysia
$ 30 127.82
Cotton wool and Gauze for Eye Hospital / Karapitiya Hospital and LRH
$ 1 367.00
Nestle Sustacal and Isocal supplements for Hepatobiliary Unit, NHSL
$ 7 759.86
Sanitary napkins for Maternity Ward, Dehiattakandiya Hospital
$ 600.00
Surgical sutures for Hepatobiliary Unit, NHSL
$ 1 519.56
Piperazillin/Tazabactam for Hepatobiliary Unit, NHSL
200 vials
$ 769.48
CAPD bags from Lucenxia, Malaysia
$ 16 457.14
ABG machine reagents for LRH Post Cardiac Surgery ICU
$ 4 534.75


$ 185 301.43

* These purchases were made in collaboration with #MedicalHelpSriLanka

** Medicines will be distributed to Negombo DH, Vavunia BH, Jaffna TH, Anuradhapura TH, Dehiattakandiya BH, Karapitiya TH, Chilaw DH, Karawanella BH, Kebathigollawa BH, Tissamaharama hospitals, NHSL, Sirimavo Childrens’ Hospital in Peradeniya and Methsewana Govn. Hospital

Coordination and distribution of donated equipment worth over AUD 100,000

  • Medical equipment donated by hospitals in Melbourne
  • Paediatric medical equipment donated by Dr. Nelu Simonz
  • Cardiac catheter equipment worth AUD 20,000 donated by Medtronic Australia

Pending purchases (currently in the process of obtaining quotes / NMRA approval / transport from India):

We are currently raising funds for the following projects, and any assistance with donations will be mostly appreciated.

1) Battery system for the Cardiac Catheterization Lab at Sirimavo Children’s Hospital, Peradeniya-

The Cath lab at Sirimavo Children’s Hospital has ceased to function a couple of months ago due to the failure of the battery system. As reported by the Cardiology Unit there, this is blowing up patient waiting lists and putting the lives of paediatric patients at risk. The cost of battery replacement is LKR 3,477,452.80 (AUD 13,852).

2) Peadiatric equipment for Lady Ridgeway Post Cardiac Surgery ICU: USD 3651.37

3) Heparin x2070 (25,000unit) vials for Heamodialysis Units across SL: USD 5796

4) Peadiatric Oncology Medicine for Apeksha Hospital : USD 1843

5) Baby Intensive Care Unit requirements for Dehiattakandiya Hospital:

DAK hospital has a large Maternity Unit, however they do not have a facility at present to medically stabilize babies who are born unwell and transport them to a major Peadiatric Centre, which is leading to the loss of lives of newly born babies. AUSLMAT is planning to contribute to this project, which is estimated to cost around LKR 30 million in total.

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